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Auto insurance man Liaonan better service to customers and work.

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self-developing equipments have gained ten items of China Patent.

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2017.03.30~04.2 AMR AUTO MAINT   2017-03-02
The secret of success lies in the brand business management, human resource management and three pursuit.
Enterprise Introduction
YINGKOU LIAONAN DEVI MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is a professional manufacture gathered research、development、production、marketing and service. Our main products are tire changer, wheel balancer and car lift.
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Add: No.45 of Xingsheng Street,Yingkou City,Liaoning Province,P.R.China
Export sale:0417-2937955
Sales service:0417-3803681
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With the upgrading of products and user loyalty, Liaonan Auto insurance attracting domestic and foreign customers, and has been highly acclaimed and recognized.
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